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Septic Tank Accessories

PL-122 (2).png

PL-122 Effluent Filter

The PL-122 is our highly recommended filter when adding a filter to your tank. We can retro-fit a filter in most septic tanks! Why install a filter in your septic tank? It will virtually stop solids from getting through and plugging up your leach field. A small one-time cost to install a filter, that lasts forever will save you thousands later in putting in a new leach field. 

riser cover.jpg
6 inch riser.jpg

Septic Riser

Why install a riser? Installing a riser means you virtually never have to dig up  your cover again. Risers come in 6" and 12" sections and can be bolted together to create longer lengths. Each riser come with a safety lid that are 24" around.

For any more info on our septic accessories give us call! (603) 432-3101

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